Twine is well and alive

September 16, 2008

I have been using Twine for a while now and I dig the fact that it allows me to so easily organize the contents that I am interested in from the Web. Twine users claim that it is an Interest Network on top of a Social Network. It helps in resolving the Information Overload problem, but with capabilities more than online bookmarking sites like Delicious. It actually extracts the content from webpages, auto-generates tags into different categories using NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques and gives you a capability to connect to other Twiners like you do in Facebook.  I like the concept and have been using it thoroughly.

The entire site is built on top of the Semantic Web infrastructure and they are one of the pioneers in this realm of emerging web technologies -find me at


Twine – hot or not?

March 11, 2008

Twine? A site completely based on the Semantic Web technology implemented by Radar Networks (in San Francisco). It is a new way of organizing your personal information that enables you with an easy access and navigation. From the demo, it represented itself as a content bookmark where you can organize, share and discover any type of information you find in the Web to be parsed and logged into Twine. Unlike Facebook where the network is only limited to people, Twine can be of anything. Powered by semantic understanding, Twine automatically organizes information, learns about your interests and makes connections and recommendations. The more you use Twine, the better it understands your interests and the more useful it becomes.

So is Twine hot or not? I say it is recherché.

Check it out @