SemTech 2008 – Day on Tutorial

May 21, 2008

So the day on tutorial is over. There were many choices, many activities and many participants trying to decide on which talk to hit on before it started at 8:30 this morning. The topics on the first half of the tutorials were presented asynchronously and were equally competitive in nature. From the plethora of choices, I decided to hit the first tutorial on The Future of Social Networks: The Need for Semantics by the DERI team. However, I quickly realized that there were other interesting things going on in parallel, so I moved on to W3C Tutorial: Using Semantic Web Data: Query, Inference, and Proof by Eric Prud’hommeaux of W3C. Well, guess what? Even that was not enough. I was craving for something more, so I decided to land onto Semantically-Enabled Service Oriented Architectures by the Zepheira team – Brian Sletten and Uche Ogbuji. The first half of the day was over and were ready for lunch by noon.

For the second half which started at 1:15 PM, I sorta juggled between the two sessions again to wet my appetite. First I went to Dynamic and Agile SOA using SAWSDL by Amit Sheth and the team from Knoesis, then half way I sneaked into Semantic Resource Oriented Architectures (ROA): The Next Generation of Enterprise Services by David Wood and Brian Sletten from Zepheira. Both talks were equally intriguing and informative on what has been established in the Semantic Web space for the Enterprise.


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