"Oslo" was the big news!

November 13, 2007

It has been about good two weeks that I am back from Microsoft SOA & BPM Conference and finally have a chance to throw something in my blog. And the big news is “Oslo”!

What is “Oslo”? Oslo is a Microsoft’s Next Generation SOA based on multitude of technologies combined to create this visionary platform which includes .NET Framework, Visual Studio, BizTalk Server and System Center as a whole. The vision is fairly wide and open and even Microsoft doesn’t seem to have laid out the blueprint of “Oslo” yet. Expect to see several rounds of this technoglogy over a period of another year or two.

The big bang idea behind “Oslo” is a Model Driven Development (MDD) where models are the abstraction implemented directly over the underlying code. Models are just one third of the “Oslo” story and if you would like to read more about it, visit Charles Young’s blog or Microsoft SOA.